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Industrial expertize in heat transfer

ACTE's 20 years existence was oriented towards industrial know-how in design, development and serial manufacturing of specific heat exchangers (recuperators) for exhaust gas and fumes.


Over the years, the engineering team developed an expertise in multiple topics such as: thermal energy transfer on high-temperature gases, metallic parts thermodynamics, lifetime estimation through cycle analysis and thermal dilatations, tests benches design and assembly for microturbine and industrial heat exchangers test campaigns, waste heat recovery steam generator systems design and study, high temperature corrosion analysis, design of air and gaz flow feeding systems, design and development of heat exchangers plates profile and patterns for specific applications… 

Result-oriented services

ACTE is equipped with several software and with its own programs and codes dedicated to thermal studies and mechanical design tasks. The use of these tools by our multi-skills team allows many kinds of services, including:


Design of tailored stainless steel parts, heat exchange surface, heat recuperators

In any project, design requires the right understanding of the need (not only the nominal working conditions, also the whole context) and a multi-skills analysis of the requiered tasks.

To do so, our team can offer dedicated analysis prior to the development or also work closely with your team on a global and agile approach of the thermal transfert. 


Simulation and modelling of thermal transfers and heat exchanger behaviors

Simulation is a way to avoid some risks taking and uncertainties prior to the project launch, allowing time and money-saving with the pre-industrialisation phase. This is when the CFD and FEM tools of ACTE can be used; 


Post-analysis and reconciliation of results

Analysing correlations between simulation results and actual measures (température, pression, vitesse), allows the optimisation of the model to adjust forecast on some other cases.

To help with measurements and ensure tests results are useable,  we can also study and develop a probes map for the prototype or even participate to the test bench development using our knowledge with our owns.


Re-engineering and design optimization of components

Design optimization is a key step in most engine developments. Indeed, having the exact right parts is a key factor in achieving the target performances at the right cost. However, it is easier to define the perfect design once we have initial results and background. Thanks to the numerous prototypes of heat exchangers ACTE built, the team can help with some casing parts optimizations. 

Collaboration-oriented methodology

When dealing with your project, our objective is to use a smart and agile approach at each step of the program. Communication is key in this process and the dialog between our teams starts as soon as we receive your preliminary request. 



Some Thermal transfer related project references

-        Design of a Gas-to-Gas tubular heat exchanger for high temperature exhaust gases (>900°C)

-        Development study of a biomass drying system with diesel engine exhaust heat recovery

-        Post-analysis of test results related to steam generation with a GAP-type heat exchanger

-        Design and integration of a by-pass system in a heat recuperator

-        CFD and FDM study and development of a metallic part dedicated to high temperature solar radiation application

-        Analysis and re-design of a waste heat recuperator casing to optimize gas flow distribution and overall thermal efficiency of the engine

-        Design and prototyping of a convex-plate heat exchanger for air-to-air heat transfer at the outlet of a piston engine (EHRS). 



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