Heat recovery R&D services

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More than a just a heat exchangers manufacturer, ACTE is your partner for finding the best solution answering to your heat recovery needs. 

Indeed, in most of its projects, ACTE works together with its customers to design and implement a fully adapted solution for heat recovery in order to meet your needs, and to achieve the best match between your process and our heat exchanger thanks to the use of modular components.

Moreover, for specific developments a strong team of experts is able to help you in all aspects of your product development:

  • Thermodynamics cycle analyses
  • Thermal design
  • Fluid stream optimization
  • Mechanical design
  • Material studies
  • Study of the power system
  • Comprehensive design of complex interfaces
    (especially in gas turbine applications).

Finally, thanks to its dedicated automated production line ACTE's team can guide you throughout the whole development process and can collaborate with you to best pursue your cost objectives, by transforming your heat exchanger prototype into a serial product.



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