Heat recovery system

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ACTE's heat exchanger can be used as "chimney heat exchanger" i.e. :


                                                 - economisers

                                                 - heat recovery boiler

                                                 - recuperator

                                                 - HRSG : Heat Recovery Steam Generator


And allow you to recover heat from hot exhaust gas coming from your furnace or your process and valorize it in a drying system, to warm water in a building heating system or in a cleaning/sterilization system by producing hot air, hot water, hot oil or low pressure steam.



The use of heat exchange primary surfaces linked to an annular shape makes the economisers, heat recovery boiler or cooling tower particularly compact and allows you to minimise the installation footprint and the supporting civil engineering structure, and therefore to obtain the best return on investment.

The modular components also enable you to benefit from a custom-built solution that is adapted to your needs.


A strong team can also help you in case of any special requirements such as an automatic cleaning system study, fan sizing and integration, special process interfacing, non-standard fluid use,...

Technical overview:

  • From 1kW (or less) to 100 MW (or over) of heat recuperation
  • Adaptable pressure losses according to your process requirements (typically a maximum of 1% for gaseous fluids without a fan)
  • Wide performance range
  • Operating temperature up to 650C
  • Dimensions: from 200mm diameter to 3,000mm and from 500mm height to several metres (by stacking the cores).
  • 4 times lighter than a tubular heat exchanger
  • 25 times more compact than a tubular heat exchanger
  • Modular components.



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