Our technical solutions in heat recovery

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COMPACT HEAT EXCHANGER for exhaust gas to compressed air applications (MGT)

  • Compact: up to 900m²/m³
  • Highly efficient: up to 96%
  • Robust: responsive design
  • Increased lifetime: annular shape
  • Resistant to high temperatures:
    up to 650°C and more
  • Standard or Custom-built design
  • Enables fuel savings up to 50% on micro turbines.

GAP HEAT EXCHANGER for exhaust gas to liquid appplications

  • Lightweight: 50kg to 120kg per heat exchanger
  • Can be adapted to any industrial process
  • Minimum impact on upstream gas flows
  • Wide performance range: from 50kW to 2MWth
  • Several materials to cope with fume composition
  • Low pressure drops: from 1 mbars
  • Standard of Custom-built designs
  • Lighter and more compact than tubular exchangers
  • Modular components.

THE R&D DEPARTMENT for Thermodynamics related developments and studies

  • Advanced design
  • From preliminary design to prototype to mass production
  • Simulation capacities (CFD)
  • Smart approach of complex feeding systems
  • Challenging sizing for out of range Heat exchangers (Tubes)
  • A versatile research department
  • Thermodynamics study
  • Integration study
  • Material study



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