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Nowadays, improving energy efficiency of vehicle's engines is of prime interest due to the increase in fuel prices and the need to reduce greenhouse gases.


Improving the performance of this type of motor necessarily involves a reduction in the different energy losses and, in particular, heat losses from the engine exhausts.


However, the recovery of this energy requires the use of highly performing heat exchangers and connected components which tends to increase the weight of the vehicle and its consumption. In order to realise an energy gain it is therefore important that the reduction in consumption achieved by the additional equipment is greater than the increase in consumption created by the weight of the equipment.

MGT range extender recuperator

For a few years now, electric vehicles have been more and more numerous to extend their autonomy range by using micro-gas turbines which offers outstanding benefits in comparision to piston engines. ACTE COMPACT recuperators range of power are especially suitable for the MGT range extenders application (from 20kWe to over 300kWe). Their high effectiveness  allows up to 50% savings in fuel consumption. 

Range extenders developpers can then focus on their engine challenges and count on ACTE to support them with the right recuperator at the right time of their development (using one of our available standard product or getting a product tailored to their needs). 


Heat recovery on recip engines

For applications on recip engines, over 30% of the energy is lost through exhaust gas heat the ACTE GAP HX technology sounds like a good option thanks to its :

  • Lightness
  • Density
  • Modularity
  • Low pressure losses
  • Heat transfer coefficient around 70%.



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