GAP Waste heat recuperator

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What make them special

  • Their compact annular shape makes them fit in chimney ducts
  • Their lightweight allows savings on supporting
    structures and civil engineering, for a better ROI
  • Their various materials allow specific temperature and corrosion resistance from 200°C
  • Their plate separation eases the maintenance and cleaning
  • Their gap between plates lowers the pressure drops on the gas side
  • Their DN diameters allows fitting with standards process structures


Gamme echangeur de chaleur fatale : recuperation de chaleur sur fumees industrielles

Technical features

  • Up to 85% effectiveness
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Resistant up to 650°C (on steel surface)
  • Primary surface exchanger
  • Multi use heat exchanger :
    Gas-to-gas, gas-to-liquid or liquid-to-liquid
  • Compatible with phase changes
  • Adaptable flow arrangement
  • Up to 70bars burst pressure at room temperature
  • Up to 25 times more compact than a tubular heat exchanger (for the same power)
  • Low pressure drops on the gas side
  • High heat transfer coefficient.

Building on proven expertise and industrial experience in waste gas recovery for gas turbines, ACTE developed a new concept of plate heat exchanger. This concept offers a wide range of applications in waste heat recovery and more generally, in all types of industrial processes. ACTE GAP technology provide you with an outstanding new solution to improve your energy savings while benefiting from the high technical level developed for gas turbines (resistance to high temperatures, high effectiveness, compactness, high volume production,...)

Moreover,  ACTE GAP technology has been specially developed to recover heat from the hot waste gases released during existing industrial processes without impacting the process itself. Adjusting the distance between the plates (from a few mm to a few cm) allows your heat exchanger to adapt the pressure loss according to your technical and economical needs.



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