Gas turbine recuperator : Increase your gas turbine effiency

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Typical application:

  • MGT Range extenders
Recovered brayton cycle

Fuel economy is the original ACTE core business. Indeed, from the beginning ACTE and its team have worked in close collaboration with gas turbine manufacturers to achieve a common goal: to improve the engine cycle and decrease the gas turbine fuel consumption.

It was in this context that the annular shape of the ACTE recuperators was created and the unique profile of our exchange services was developed, giving our recuperators their exceptional features: reducing by half the turbine consumption, increased lifetime and resisting to thermal shocks.

For each request, ACTE's team works together with their costumers to find the best way to implement the recuperator with the turbine: design of the recuperator and its interfaces, optimisation of the fluid circulation and power system in order to reduce the pressure drop and, finally, achievement of all of our customers' objectives.

Coupled with this heat exchanger expertise, the fully automated ACTE production line enables our team to support your project from the design of the prototype to the mass production of your products.

Technical overview :

  • High effectiveness : up to 90% and more
  • Predictable and increased lifetime
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Low leakage rate evolution
  • Adapted for a large power range: from a few kW to several MW
  • Adjustable dimensions: from 400mm to 2,000mm in diameter.



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